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Feel free to read the below organic FAQ that we had compile.

We are more than happy to solve any project doubt. Please fill the form below if you don’t see what you are looking for.

We care about quality and customer expectations on a detailed matter. In order to offer a great service , client is an ESSENTIAL key on communicating what is expected.

Sometimes, customer may not realized that there might be missing information in the form when they fill it out, but do not worry, we will let you know if there was any missing information that we considered needed in order to offer our quality services, and where to send the answers. All answer must be backed up in a text or email.

Since we care about the customer end product. We appreciate you send any requested information by email, because in this way there is an order per customer and project.

We care for EVERYONE of our customers. Also remember, that we offer services were we might need to involve more than one people.

When it comes to permitting, we are not the ones reviewing neither approving them. Permits are reviewed and approved in the county or city.

But, per our experience, we can tell you that depending of the type of work , and in a “normal” economy environment, permits process might take from same day to 6 months or more.

We will let you know at the time of service, how counties are proceeding.

Note that each county or city, has its own regulations, and due to COVID changing economy and work environment, we will check on a per job basis.

Even during normal circumstances, we love to release accurate information and current county lead times.

Moreover, each job is different, as not every home was built the same year, then home improvement is tackled on a scope basis. In addition, county regulations or codes “updates” may come up, which entails that county might need to review more than the actual work.

One thing to consider is that most home improvement or new construction permitting process involves several departments.

We had some customers asked this question. We understand the burden you might feel if your taxes gets incremented. However, we encourage you to do permitting, because it is a protection for everyone, and mainly for the owner of the property.

First, it is a protection , because county will evaluate any deficiency and compliance with code, which not only protect the people currently living in the space, but also, will be necessary if you plan to sell. Moreover, you don’t want to deal with fines that may end up being more costly, as local jurisdiction may request the complete undo of the work. For instance, when the job is completed, some inspections cannot be performed without the undo of the work.

Second, it is a protection for the owner in the sense that owner have a guaranteed that everybody in the construction team got paid and that the job will be completed.

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